Forget the Iditarod. Earlier this week, residents of Anchorage, Alaska, were all about the Snausages Man Sled Race, a crazy event in which people pulled pups!

Four teams of humans dragged sleds — with dogs as the mushers — and raced across a frozen pond to win money for their pet charity of choice. The red team, consisting of brothers (and Iditarod veterans!) Danny (not pictured) and Dallas Seavey, Mari Troshynski and Eric Ayers, plus dog Chinook, came in first, and won $5,000 for their organization, the Second Chance League. The other three teams each received $1,000 for their charities as well.

The Second Chance League is run by several mushers, who are focused on finding permanent homes for sled dogs. They work with dogs exclusively from the municipal animal shelter in Fairbanks, Alaska, evaluate them, foster them and train them with their own dog teams until they find forever families.