Monday, September 14, 2009

Dog Whisperer launching magazine

I'm not sure how I feel, totally, about Cesar Milan and his manner of training, but over the years I have picked up a few hints here and there when watching his National Geographic show. Looks like he's going to have a periodical published soon. The man is making some serious money

After reading a few comments since this blog post went up I am finding that there are more views AGAINST Milan's method of teaching than in favor. I have to agree. Yes, he does seem to get results; however, he intimidates the dogs to the extent that they obey not out of learning from guidance and understanding but through fear and pain. I once read that for his half hour show many hours of his "method" take place before the camera rolls and many outtakes hit the editing floor. Frankly, all I would need would be to see him pinch or punch one of my dogs - just once- and I'd be the one pinching and poking Cesar! However, my opinions and comments are my own and I do not wish to influence anyone else.

Now, on to the article:

Shh. What's that? It's either the rustling of money or Cesar Millan whispering about a new venture...maybe both.

The canine trainer famously known as The Dog Whisperer is launching a new magazine called Cesar's Way. This is in addition to his book, products and TV show about helping dogs with behavior issues.

The Wall Street Journal reports: Cesar's Way, which hits newsstands next week, is filled with slick photos of celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Paris Hilton and Jennifer Aniston with pets in tow. Articles include "Can Your Dog Fix Your Marriage? Just Ask Jada Pinkett Smith" and "7-Day Doggie Detox." IMG says it plans to publish two issues this year and six in 2010.

Cesar Millan dog behavior specialist and host of the television series 'The Dog Whisperer' shares some birthday cake with some dog friends while celebrating his 40th birthday at the East Valley Animal Shelter in Los Angeles on Tuesday Sept. 8. He's about to launch a new magazine. (AP Photo/Richard Vogel)


Teddy Bear said...

Wow, a new doggie magazine?:)

Teddy Bear

Sam said...

Mmm, not really into Cesar here. I think that, although he has great messages for owners in terms of exercise and structure in their dogs' lives, the more rowdy stuff can be extremely detrimental when people try it at home. Just my opinion, of course :)

Maxx said...

Mommy finds his concept of exercise, discipline and affection is quite practical. Though me not soo crazy about the discipline thingy..


Honey the Great Dane said...

I'm like you - I've got mixed feelings about Cesar Millan too - although I like his no-nonsense approach to the owners and I think it's great that someone out there is reminding people that dogs are DOGS are not substitute children in furry coats (the root of a lot of problems in my opinion), I worry about some of his methdos as although they work find with an experienced dog handler, they can backfire badly with an inexperienced pet owner plus there is always the potential for them to be abused by lazy owners as "quick fix" methods which can harm the dog - instead of learning the philosophy behind the methods (eg, conditioning, behavioural principles, etc).

I also don't agree that just lots of physical exercise fixes everything - dogs gain stamina much faster than humans! Training - stimulating the mind and building the owner-dog bond - is much more effective at tiring the dog than tons of jogging with a loaded backpack or forced time on a treadmill!

Most of all, I don't agree with him that a dog should have to walk by the owner's side at all times to show that it is "submissive" and under control - it seems very unfair to make a dog walk this way for the entire walk and deprive it of the chance to sniff & stuff, which is what the walk is really about. I think as long as the dog is not pulling - no tension on the lead - and as long as it can pass another dog in the street politely - and as long as it WILL walk next to its owner if given a specific command (eg. Heel), then the rest of the walk should be more relaxed and allow the dog to meander left & right, ahead and back and sniff, etc.

I've actually bought one of his DVD sets but found the episodes quite unsatisfying to watch after a few episodes as it didn't seem to me that he really fixed the dog's problem - there was no proof of the results - a lot of talking but not much showing. As someone who has trained several dogs myself, I can tell that a lot of those cases were just glossed over - not that I doubt his abilities but I would really like to see him sort the dogs out properly and see the results - eg. 6 months down the line, with the OWNERS handling the dog, not Cesar - that's the real proof of success.


Sierra Rose said...

Mmmmmm! Looked like one tasty b-day cake!! Mom thinks the Dog Whisperer shows are pretty doesn't like all the "chhhh" 'chhhh" sounds. I just wonder what all the doggies are doing in that big box!?

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses!
Sierra Rose

Angus said...

His shows are just now being advertised on the National Geographic channel here in Europe - just in time for the release of the new magazine. I'm afraid until they're shown here your foreign visitors will just have to wait to comment. Can't for the life of me understand why he would want dogs not to go off sniffing and ferreting and all the other things that are 100% hardwired into them.

Tina said...

Thanks for your comment! Nice post here!

Greetings from Germany from Meggi and Tina

Kenia Cris said...

If he loves dogs than I'm fine with him making money out of teaching them to behave, in a nice way. =) I don't think many of his hints would work with the crazy party I have at home, but I don't really think dogs must 'behave' all the time, either. =P

Hugs guys!

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

oh--we are definately not ceasar fans here. his methods are terrible! thanks for the post! saige and guinness

KB said...

I have a friend, who through her job, saw behind-the-scenes at a Cesar Milan filming. She said that he uses intimidation a great deal before going on the air. We don't really see his first interactions with the dog but the interactions after he's scared them. She walked away disgusted.

That's all a second-hand story but I thought that I'd pass it along.

Your quote "you left and forgot to tell my heart how to live without you" choked me up. That's how I feel when I lose one of my dogs.

Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

When I was first starting out as a puppy raiser, Cesar's show helped me a LOT. I think so many dog owners don't really understand their dogs and end up treating (spoiling) them like humans. Not everyone will go to go to a dog obedience class, so his show made the information accessible. Although I agree that not all his methods work with all dogs and dog owners, he's not necessarily saying that they will (hence his disclaimer about consulting a professional). As with all things, we have to pick out the things that work for us. I'm looking forward to seeing his magazine!

MAX said...

Hey there
Thanks for a really interesting post! The issue of training methodologies always brings out varying viewpoints.
Like Angus, I personally have not seen any of Cesar's stuff here in SA. However, my experience (with my 4 pooches -over their long lives) is that each dog is different and should be respected and treated as such. Every situation which is presented to an owner has dynamics which are new. I feel that there is no standard blueprint for dog-training and ownership. More often than not it's a case of "Common sense", "Clarity of commands", "Consistency", "Control" and "CARE" (my own five "C"s)
Thank you too to Hsin-Yi for her interesting contribution.

Ruby and Penny said...

Mom is not a fan of Ceasar. She won't be buying a copy of his magazine.
Love Ruby & Penny

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

I'm on the fence with Cesar. Some of his info is good, but he's way too "hands-on". That bothers me. He uses fear and intimidation to teach and I don't like that.

I’m doing my rounds and just wanted to pop by and thank you for commenting at my blog last month. I appreciate your input.


Shelley said...

Like many, I have mixed feelings about Cesar. His extreme exercising before a dog eats in the morning would not work for a Bernese Mtn dog who has a danger of bloat if the exercise is too vigorous an hour before or an hour after they eat. I like his method reminders of being confident when walking your dog however.

Ludo van Doggy said...

Mum not be allowed to talk about that man, cos it make her get all angry. So whenever something like this come up we just say that we believe in purely positive methods and he not seem very whispery to us.
~lickies, Ludo

Brownie said...

I too have mixed feelings about Cesar Milan... yes I agree with exercise, discipline and affection. However, his implementation is what bothers me. Alpha rolling is not my idea of a good strategy, especially when inexperienced, scared/angry owners are involved. It's just inviting problems.

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

We Sibes say

Pffffffft to CM -


Dory and the Mama said...

Mama says that the show is silly...but some of the things that CM has put out there have really helped her help Bilbo.


Noah the Airedale said...

Hiya and thanks for stopping by our blog. Nice to meet you all.
Re: CM, we agree with most comments on here however we dont watch the program and we've really only heard bits and pieces about his techniques. I guess one day maybe we'll check it out and see what the whole hoohaa is about.

Thanks again for stopping by.

Noah Willow Tess Lucy

chicamom85 said...

BOL BOL BOL, that guy is evil. I sent Mommy out of the room because she has tried to contact him about my sassy behavior. Truth be told, Mommy knows she spoils me and that he would most likely have to train her and not me. He is still evil though, stay away. Here comes Mommy.I have to go.

licks and sniffs, Sasha

Team 3 Dawg Flite said...

Like all the trainers, especially TV trainers, I take from Caesar Milan what looks good to me and what looks like something that will work with my dogs, and then just leave the rest. Am I a Caesar Milan fan? No. I'm just a fan of using what works, even if it is a combination of several methods.

Dog By Nature said...

I work in the tv industry and trust me...none of the reality shows are "real". There is plenty you don't see on all of them including this one.