Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sometimes a dog & a child come along that bring untold blessings into your life...

Sometimes when a dog ends up in rescue, he gets lucky, really lucky. Sometimes someone comes along that looks into his eyes and sees beyond the thin body, the missing hair, the bony ribs and hips. Sometimes someone knows...just knows that inside that package that someone else might overlook is a special dog. A dog with soul. A dog with heart. A dog that will exceed each and every expectation or hope. A dog that will not only be a good friend to her, but to the people she l♥ves.
Sometimes when a baby is born there is something inside that sweet blessing that is remarkably special. Sometimes what is inside that little baby is so much like a parent or a grandparent that it cannot be denied. Sometimes a grandmother has the distinct privilege of watching a grandson blossom into a child - a person - that is remarkably like she was as a child. Sometimes that grandmother is so overwhelmed when she thinks of that little boy that her heart literally sings.

Ever since I can remember I have loved animals. I've loved the ones that loved me back and I've loved the ones that bit me and I've loved the ones that never gave me a second thought. All through my life I've known that my love of animals bore deep into my core. I knew that I cared more deeply and felt more deeply than most people. I knew that if you took my animals away from me that you may as well take my life, too. Imagine how I felt when it became apparent that one of my grandsons' inherited from me that same caring and love of animals - deeply and genuinely and purely.

The little boy you see, Benny, is my eight year-old grandson. I have seen him kiss the lips of snakes he's found in the grass before he set them free. I have seen his eyes light up when a tiny creature blesses him with it's presence. He touches it gently, and with respect, being careful not to hurt the bitty life he carries in his hands. This little boy is the Pied Piper of my cats and dogs when he comes in the back door of my home. They follow him and seek to be near him and to love him.

There are no words to adequately describe how thrilled and happy and blessed I feel when I know that this little boy carries inside of him what I have carried inside of me for so many years. Within Benny's heart is what I have held most dear all of my respect for all things living whether they are beautiful or fancy or free or costly or treasured or cast off by others. My belief that life, all life, is sacred and should be l♥ved and cherished and cared for and touched gently.

When I leave this earth I will have immense comfort knowing that a part of me, a part of who I am - my core belief in the sanctity of life - rests within the soul of my darling Benny.

Benjamin Matthew, your Mimi loves you more than you'll ever know.


T said...

This is the most beautiful, heartfelt post I have read in a very long time. Your Grandson obviously was blessed with a very special gift. I believe to have such a gift is rare, you have it, and he has it. I know how much this must really warm your heart, to know he cares as deeply as you.

I have always known I have cared and felt more deeply then many people about all living things, especially, animals, children, and the elderly. I was told we are born with it. It is our nature, we can nurture who we are, but we can not change our nature.

Bless your Grandson, and many blessings to you.

T said...

PS. Thank You Mimi, for the comment and concern. I just started catching up on everyone's blogs the past 2 days. I've tried to post on mine, but for some reason I just break down in tears, I'm getting better though, and will probably be posting in the next day or two.

Joey said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting our bloggie! Benny sure looks nice. What a beautiful post.

See ya!
Joey and Zeke