Thursday, May 7, 2009

Loving for a living, a job that these two dogs were born to do...

Hello, this is the momma of Scout the Golden Retriever (age 8) and Freyja, the German Shepherd Dog (age 5). Before I pass this blog into their competent paws, I wanted to give you some background about them as they are much too shy to tell you how wonderful they are to me and for me. Scout is a rescue retriever. He came to live with me when he was 3 years old. His human was dropping him off at our local shelter because they were moving (one of the most common exuses) and they couldn't take him with them. Scout never got the chance to be checked into the shelter because I was called immediately and when I met him it was l♥ve at first sight...for me. Scout, although polite, still waited for his other family to return for him, I'd say for about 6 months, and then one day I looked into his eyes and I knew he was mine, all mine. Don't ask me how I knew, it was just one of those things...felt with the heart and soul.

Freyja was a gift to me from a local breeder. He found out that my service dog, Starr, had passed away at the age of only 3 years as a result of acute pancreatitis. I was devastated and could barely function for weeks after she passed away but one day I got a call from Steve. He told me that he thought he had a pup that would suit my needs. She was terribly sound and unruffled under most circumstances. Just what I needed for therapy work and for my home needs. I went to look at the little lady and it was one of those times when you knew if you didn't take that baby home you'd regret it forever and now that I've had these years to live with this remarkable dog, I know I would have lost out on so much without her in my home. Freyja may not be a rescue in the true sense of the word, but she rescued me when I needed it most and continues to hold me up with her tender l♥ve.

Over time you will get to know these precious members of my family. You'll also meet their four kitty siblings and will hear stories about the furry friends my family has waiting for us at the Bridge. I've always said that a thousand years is not enough time to spend with someone you l♥ve and it is so, so true. I have never been ready to face the day and time when I must say good-bye to someone I l♥ve with all my heart and soul but I do it because I cannot be so selfish as to keep them here with me when they need to transition into their next life experience.

Why did I name this blog Loving for a Living? Because that best describes what these two friends of mine do best, love me completely, unconditionally and without question. That is their job, the way they make their living and I am more than happy to keep them employed!

So, if you've found my blog, please come back often. You will meet some remarkable animals that have blessed me with their presence in my life making it more tolerable to live in this cold and sometimes cruel planet we call home.


Carolynn said...

I maintain that the animals who I've been blessed to have as companions are angels wrapped in fur. They truly do model unconditional love for me and are the best part of my life, paws down.

Thank you so much for visiting my place and leaving such a lovely note. I'll be back to visit you and your family of fur clad friends.


Sue said...

What a wonderful tribute not just to your two current companions, but all the ones who went before them to train you in how to love.