Friday, May 15, 2009

Diggin' a fort, spyin' on da neighbors 'n fence fightin' wif da neighbor grrrl

My mom took this photo of me from her kitchen window...through the screen. Someone should tell her that she could have used the other side of the window, you know, without the screen, but it's not gonna be me. Nope, I'm already in enough trouble cuz I dug this hole under the chair in my backyard.

But, I did have a dog-gone good reason to dig it. We have a lady golden 'triever who lives next door. Her name is Gable. She's a real pretty Golden 'triever lady. I like to spy on her when her humans let her outside, and then, when she's just about to sit down and relax in the sun, I POP OUT AND BARK, BARK, BARK at her. Boy, is that ever fun! You should see her face! Mom tells me dat isn't the way to make Gable like me an' I do think she's cute. I do try to be quiet but sometimes I just can't help myself☺

Then Gable 'n me we have one of the best rip-roarin' fence fights you've ever seen in your whole life! This kinda fun just never gets old, never. It's one of those things that you can do a zillion times in a day and each time just gets better.

I can't do it too many times in one day, though, because my mom will ask me to come in the house and take a nap...sigh.


Terry said...

Dear Scout and Freyja
I hate to be the one to break it to you here in a blog where like the whole world can see,
But I feel I must reach out with hugs to you both and explain that sometimes when your pet mommas are of the human kind they just don't get it .They'll snap photos here ,there and everywhere even if they forget to take the lens cap off they just keep taking those pictures because they love you sooooo much !
Have a very happy week and try to be patient with your Mom . She means well !

Carolynn said...

You are one cutey-patootie. I'll bet Gable has a secret crush on you too. Try barking might work better.

Diane @ Four Paws and Co said...

Hey Sweetie Pie, My Bailey has a BARKING relationship with Chloe on the other side of the fence too. I understand how these things work. ☺

Lynn said...

Did you read The Story of Edgar Sawtelle?

T said...

Hi Scout and Freyja,

I look forward to getting to know you too better.
Try not to mind your mom with the camera, you have to understand us humans like to capture all the beautfiul moments we can of our precious furry kids, even if some are not so flattering.

Tea Time and Roses said...

What a sweet post! :o) Hope your week is moving along just beautifully.



Ransom said...

Ahhh...FENCE FIGHTING!!! You are so LUCKY! Our fence is one of those tall, board, privacy fences--just takes the joy right out of fence fighting when you can't SEE through to the other side of the fence. I wish we had a fancy CHAIN LINK fence, like you have, instead!!!

Sue said...

We don't do fence fighting because there are so many of us all on this side of the fence. We do have a game that our Mom doesn't like, but we just love it. We choose one of our siblings to be 'it' and we all chase him or her until 'it' gives up and lies down. Then we choose someone else and the chase is on again.