Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Let us NEVER forget those who have less - NEVER!

Our economy is horrible. Many of us are without a job and worry about how we'll pay next month's bills. It's difficult to imagine how we will care for ourselves, let alone give to charity. But, it doesn't take money to make someone's Christmas brighter, warmer or better. Volunteer at your local animal shelter. Donate a bag of kitty litter (generic). Take a shelter dog for a walk. Brush a shelter kitty and listen to it's gentle purr. Many shelters allow pets up for adoption to spend the holidays with a 'foster family'.

I've barely touched on the many things we can do for animals that are less fortunate than ours. PLEASE don't forget them - they need you more at this time of year when many do not have adequate shelter and need extra kibble to generate the body heat that will keep them alive throughout the cold, winter months.
National Canine Cancer Foundation


houndstooth said...

I love that comic strip! :)

So very true about being able to help! We all have talents we can use to help in some way or another!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I took some warm binkeys to the pet shelter, so the furrys can cover up.
I wanted to help too

ForPetsSake said...

Well stated - we will be making a run over there this week ourselves ;)

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

A gift from the heart doesn't have to be green. there is so much that can be done...meaningful things... that anyone can do. It will bless the giver as much as those gifted! Thanks for reminding us.

Keith Andrea said...

Merry Christmas.

Yah true.,material gift is not that important. We can give our time and comfort to others.

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