Sunday, January 3, 2010

Vick is Eagles' Ed Block Courage Award recipient. 'I've overcome a lot,' Philly quarterback says

When I read this article I wanted to SCREAM AND SCREAM AND SCREAM. Michael Vick thinks that HE had a lot to overcome! Really? What in the h*ll did he have to overcome that could compare to the suffering he caused over and over and over to helpless animals? Courage? It takes courage to spend a little time in the pokey and then to come out, get a high paying job, win awards and do a few personal appearances. Courage? What is courageous about THAT! It took courage for those poor dogs to be tossed in a ring together to fight for their lives. It took HEART and courage for numerous animal welfare workers to rescue Vick's animals, get them medical treatment, hold them when they were dying, work with them to get re-homed. It took COURAGE for new families to accept into their lives dogs that they knew had been in a fight ring and to trust that nightmares of their former lives wouldn't cause them to bite a human.

Sports - football - right now I have a rotten taste in my mouth. Eating one of those poop-sicles sitting in the snow in my backyard would taste better to me than reading about Michael Vick's courage and how he's overcome the obstacles in life. Michael Vick - can you see me bending over? Now kiss it!
(Sorry I got a little graphic towards the end but reading the following article brought my blood to a boil!

Pictured is one of the scarred dogs rescued from Vick's Virginia dog-fighting kennel

Vick 'just ecstatic' about winning Courage Award

PHILADELPHIA - Michael Vick won the Ed Block Courage Award, voted on by his Philadelphia Eagles teammates, after the once-disgraced star quarterback returned to the NFL after spending 18 months in prison for his role in a dogfighting ring.

"It means a great deal to me," Vick said on Wednesday. "I was voted unanimously by my teammates. They know what I've been through. I've been through a lot. It's been great to come back and have an opportunity to play and be with a great group of guys. I'm just ecstatic about that and I enjoy every day."

A three-time Pro Bowl pick in six seasons with the Atlanta Falcons, Vick has played sparingly with the Eagles. He has two touchdowns rushing and one passing in 12 games.

The Ed Block Award honors players who exemplify commitment to the principles of sportsmanship and courage. Each of the 32 NFL teams selects a recipient.

"I've overcome a lot, more than probably one single individual can handle or bear," Vick said. "You ask certain people to walk through my shoes, they probably couldn't do. Probably 95 percent of the people in this world because nobody had to endure what I've been through, situations I've been put in, situations I put myself in and decisions I have made, whether they have been good or bad.

"There's always consequences behind certain things and repercussions behind them, too. And then you have to wake up every day and face the world, whether they perceive you in the right perspective, it's a totally different outlook on you. You have to be strong, believe in yourself, be optimistic. That's what I've been able to do. That's what I display."

The Eagles were criticized by animal rights activists for signing Vick less than a month after he was released from prison. Dozens of protesters voiced their outrage outside the team's practice facility the day after Vick was signed, and many fans threatened to give up their tickets.

But Vick got a warm reception in his first game with the Eagles and by most accounts has been a model citizen off the field.

The animal rights group, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, issued a statement reprimanding the Eagles for giving Vick the award.

Vick has spent time working with the Humane Society of the United States, speaking to school and community groups about the mistakes he made in getting involved in dogfighting.

"It was a big obstacle proving I'm worthy of a second chance," Vick said. "It doesn't stop here. I have to continue to prove that. The thing I told [NFL commissioner] Roger [Goodell] is that four or five years from now, I'm going to come to him and say, 'Everything I told you I was going to do, I'm still doing it.' And that's what I pride myself on and that's my focus and that's my goal."

Quarterback Donovan McNabb called the award "well-deserved."

"Congratulations to him for straightening his life around and bettering himself as a human being," coach Andy Reid said. "He's obviously very well-respected by his teammates."

National Canine Cancer Foundation


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Michael Vick cannot be rehabilitated. He does not have the seeds of goodness planted in his heart to ever turn his life around. He was caught and that is the only reason he is saying these things to appease people. He has not been through anything- except the spot lite because he was caught. If he was not caught- he would still be doing the same horrible, cruel things. His Eagle buddys are poor decision makers to give him that Award.
Let dogs vote- that is who should decide on his fate.
That is what I think.

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Vick's name rhymes with what Vick is.

Kari in WeHo said...

I still think this is someones idea of a sick joke

Jacks, Narra, Tuchuck, and Rousseau said...

If this "man" (substitute appropriate word) exemplifies courage, then our society has definitely lost its way. Just sickening. Yet again, we're sad to say we're from Philly.


Ashley (the mom), Dixie (the Catahoula) and sometimes Lola (the Pit Bull) said...

Every time I see the quote that he has handled more than one human could, I want to scream and cry in anger.
This year, due to a chronic neurological pain condition, I lost my job as a vet tech, graduation from college, entry in to vet school, the ability to drive or even live on my own. I have short term memory problems and trouble speaking. I live every day in excruciating pain in my left side and it is spreading to the rest of my body. I've always dedicated my life to helping animals and have worked with the victims of cruelty. I am 22 years old.
That killer of innocents has NO IDEA what it means to overcome things. He has NO IDEA what one person can handle.
I don't want to toot my own horn. Every day I get up, do my online classes, take my pet dogs and service dog out, take care of them, play with them and train them. I work to help my parents around the house when I can. I go out to spend time with friends even when I'm in pain.
That is one person's part of what it means to overcome. He has no idea what one person can handle when it comes to true adversity. I didn't create my situation but I fight it every day, as do so many others with illness, disability and other adversities.

Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

We really want to poop on Michael Vick. A lot.

Teddy Bear said...

Dennis the Viszla said it right! What is wrong with some people? Are they serious???

Teddy Bear

Cocorue said...

i really am not interested to read about him and the people who 'respect' and 'honour' him.....

respect is earned and even this chi knows that bol.....and i have even less respect for those who think highly of him

will not allow hoomans like him and his friends spoil a wonderful 2010

KB said...

The Vick story was appalling from the very beginning. Then, believe it or not, I literally believed that the 'courage' award was a Jay Leno joke. I'm speechless - what evil spirit has possessed Vick and his teammates?

Salinger The Pug said...

I want to crap on his cleats.


Alex93andme said...

He should wear the shirt that says "It REALLY is ALL about ME". He should still be in prison and for the teammates to give him the award shows their lack of intelligence. The NFL doesn't care about dogs apparently to take him back. I think he is a psycho and other things that I cannot write on this blog.

MAX said...

Hey there
What a dreadful story!
Maybe this isn't quite the correct forum, but I really wanted to pop by and wish you all the best in your lobbies this year and your endeavours. (Maybe 'Happy new year too' - if you don't mind!) You have been a great friend over the past year!
We are glad to be back blogging and catching up.
Take care now

Ms. ~K said...

I can't tell you what I really would have to delete it!!!
I've decided this was just for positive publicity for the Eagles...I can't imagine that his teammates really believe he deserves this award! Surely there must be some dog lovers on the team!
VICK makes me SICK!

pam said...

Oh My God this makes me so angry I can't see straight. That monster deserves to live out his life homeless, being beaten every day and fearing for his life.

I can't forgive him I just can't.

Byron said...

With a tear in my eye I say a stong "Here, here!" to all of your comments.

Sam said...

I guess they are looking at it like he paid his debt and should be able to live life free and clear, but it is sick. Just plain sick.

Sam and Cisco

The OP Pack said...

We couldn't agree more with your assessment of this travesty - horrible horrible horrible.

Woos, Phantom and Thunder

bbes tribe said...

Our hearts break at such cruelty. Vick doesn't deserve an award. Those pups DEFINITELY didn't deserve what they got!!!! Thanks for visiting us and for sharing your thoughts on this terrible thing.
Chica was supposed to be temporary but after a few hours M & D decided to keep her. Not sure if they are meant to foster pups because we think they have a too soft heart. They have a new one coming before too long. We'll see how it goes.
We wish for you a Happy New Year.
Ernie, Sasha, & Chica

Benny and Lily said...

We did scream! It is sad..were the dogs forgotten? Unbelievable. No Eagles games in this house
Benny & Lily

wally said...

I know, this made me barking mad and reading comments like Ashley's just confirms what a self-centered SOB he clearly still is. And you think you've gone through a lot? What about the dogs you tortured? We don't root for the Eagles here anymore.

wally t.

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Yet another opportunity for my mom to paw: he still doesn't effin' get it -

He never will -

Not only have we not watched an E***** game, we've not watched any N** games -

He should not have been permitted back in