Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I ♥ this! I ♥ dogs! I ♥ this dog! I ♥ my dogs!

I love this. I loved it when I first saw it a couple of years' ago and I love it now. It makes me smile and it makes me laugh and it makes me so, so happy that I love dogs and it makes me so, so happy that I share my home with dogs and it makes me so, so happy that I am alive!

Thank you God. Thank you for creating dogs and thank you for my dogs and thank you for this dog! And God, you hit it out of the park when you decided you'd give us dogs as companions and best friends.

My beautiful Freyja, Queen of the Valkyries. Never has a dog so pure of heart and intuitive graced me home. She is loving and kind. She is loyal and true. Without her I would be less. With her I am more. She owns my heart and I own hers. She is mine and I am hers...always.

Scout, my sweetheart rescue who lives to retrieve and to cuddle and to talk to me and to snack on goodies and is guy enough to tote around his little, pink piggie and still feel secure in his doggy-ness. There will never be this much love, given with such generosity, given to me so freely in my life again. This dog is goodness and light and tenderness.


JackDaddy said...

What a wonderful post!

Teddy Bear said...

You are all very blessed to have each other.:)

Teddy Bear

Florida Sue said...

They were meant for you and you for them. I have never been more sure of this when I look at Little Buddy. I have just finished the book you suggested "Second Hand Dog," and it has been invaluable. Thanks so much Mimi.


Mango said...

I love that doggie swimming in the snow.

What a nice tribute to your best pals ever.


Thor said...

Beautiful post! It´s wonderful you have each other.


Lorenza said...

Thanks for sharing this beautiful tribute to them!
That dog in the video sure know how to have fun!
Kisses and hugs

^..^Corgidogmama said...

That video was great...he's like a mole burrowing..only in snow!

The FOUR Musketeers said...

That's a wonderful post !
& that dog is so cool, he sure love to "swim" in snow. BOL !

CAM said...

There is nothing better than love shared! ..and you, dear Mom, give it straight back to us dogs.
We love you too.
Tons of love
Maxdog in South AFrica

Brind'Amour said...

You guys are sure sweet! Really nice post and really cute piccies!


Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

Our Mom thinks that a dog is God's greatest creation and that there is no truer heart in the world.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

The White Bench said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE them too!!!!!!!!!
Monica and a big furry hug from Kim!

Pipa said...

What a joyful, full of love and wonderful post!



Sierra Rose said...

What a GREAT video! Looked like so much fun blazing that powder trail! Will have to show that to a few of my pals, as they too LOVE THE SNOW.

Wonderful post!
Sierra Rose, and her mom

Vicki ~ FL said...

What a wonderful post for all dog lovers and even those who are not. The video was super...never seen it before for thanks for sharing. BTW, I've been out of town and wanted to thank you for your visit to my blog.

Canine Crusader said...

I was just thinking about this video last week! I love this dog! He had so much fun. My dogs may never see any real snow again and they use to love it. I think it beats rain anyday.