Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dancing with dogs: Sharing your life with unconditional l♥ve & a golden bond

Each and every time I watch this little clip my eyes swell with tears...not tears of sadness but tears of happiness. To see such coordination and bond and unconditional love between a human and a dog reminds me how special my dogs are and how privileged I am to share in their lives. My heart is moved at the joy each receives from the other, this dog and his human. What those two have is how it should be, how it is supposed to be. No, I don't mean we all need to dance with our dogs, I'm talking about the bond and the pleasure and the unconditional love.

Man may think that he domesticated the dog, but I don't think he did. It was the dog's choice to take us up on our offer millions of years' ago when we tossed him a bone. The pack could have walked away leaving us to sit by the fire alone and to hunt alone and to protect ourselves alone. After all, they already had their pack order established, knew how to hunt as a group to sustain life and had coordinated their efforts in raising their young. They didn't need us at all. It was us who needed them and we got the better part of the deal.

I need my dogs. I need to talk to them and to walk with them and to play with them and to cuddle with them and to sleep with them. I need to know that they are there for me just as much as I am there for them. They are a part of who I am because without them, I would not be who I am.


The FOUR Musketeers said...

I saw this just last year !
& we idolized the dog ! She is good !!!

GoldenSamantha said...

Oh I have seen this vid and how extraordinary is it!!! Thanks for posting it again - I have an award for you at my bloggie!
Hugs xo

Tristan and Crikey said...

Hi Woofies! That's a very nice post, and we enjoyed it:)

☮momoKo said...

I like this video clip.
And I like Cat Stevens Three Dog Night too.


Mason Dixie said...

What a great video, I loved it!!

Lorenza said...

I love that video too!
My mom talks to me all the time and when we are out walking, people think she is crazy! They don't understand!
Kisses and hugs

Mango said...

Wow! I thought my mom was the only who cried when she watched that movie. She always has this big grin, but her eyes are leaking. Same reason as yours.

Thanks for the walkie tips. I did try the gentle leader harness, but I still pulled and it chafed by dog pits. Ouch!


KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN 2 LUV said...

Scout and Freyja,

Thank you for stopping by my mama's blog when we had to say goodbye to my Golden brother Achilles. I miss him lots. He's in doggie heaven, but I wish he were here with me again.

My mama tells me that before she got me and Achilles from the rescue, she had another Golden named Nick, and she used to dance with him everyday after work.

Your blog is really cool. I am looking forward to visiting again soon!

Milo Da Golden Bear in San Diego

Thor said...

Hi Scout & Freyja!
Thanks for stopping by my blog. It´s great to meet you!
Beautiful post! I love the video!
I enjoying so much reading your blog and your comments on my blog. You guys are beautiful!

Your new pal,
Thor xxx

Mango said...

Uh oh,
Momma was so happy with your messages that she added you to our list of pals so that she can see when you post new information on doggie training and behavior.


Would you mind posting about how little labradogs should get whatever they want all the time?


Joey said...

What a great video! I'd like to dance with my mom like that, but she just doesn't have the moves - tsk! We loved how the dog jumped into her arms at the end - it was great!

See ya!

Luna and Sole' said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and your messages! We like new friends! Mom loved your video - giving her ideas! Oh No!

Barks at ya later!
Luna and Sole'

T said...

Isn't Carolyn and Rookie great!? It was sad to see Rookie retire, but those two have an incredible bond. They were my inspiration when I first started competing in Canine Freestyle with My Newfy before he passed a couple years ago.

LUCKY LUKE said...

Your post make my eyes leak a little. Just wait till my the Mom reads it... hers will leak a lot.

Very well said, my friend!

wif love from the Luke

p.s. the dancin is beautiful too! Me and my the Mom dance togever but it not look so much like that!