Friday, September 30, 2011

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Stand up and be counted! Celebrate Adopt-a-less-adoptable Pet Week at Petfinder!

  • Big black dogs.
  • FIV+ cats. 
  • Senior pets.
  • Special-needs animals.
Many factors can make a pet seem "less adoptable." To promote these unusual (or, in some cases, too common) animals, Petfinder has designated Sept.17-25, 2011, as "Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week."

Visit Petfinder today. You can even take your cup of coffee with you and keep your jammies on!

Remember, the dog or cat doesn't see himself as 'different' or disabled or sick - YOU DO! We say, GET OVER IT, and get on down to your local shelter. Your next lve affair is waiting just for you!
National Canine Cancer Foundation

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Let us never forget. Let us always honor. God Bless America.

So many words have been written about what took place in America ten years ago today. Miles of video have documented the event and its aftermath. Today, Scout, Freyja and I wish to honor those who worked tirelessly alongside their handlers asking for no more in return than a tennis ball, a drink of water and love - above all love.

Sometimes animals can communicate better what is felt, or should be felt, than us human beings with our inadequate words.

British search and rescue dogs honored at Ground Zero


National Canine Cancer Foundation

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

POWER of the PAW warriors - please rally 'round darling Cleo

So soon after sweet Kona's passing we must ask that you lend your support to another of our canine friends. It would be so furry wonderful if you would visit with darling Cleo. Her PAWrents have received a most devastating diagnosis for this wonderful girl. Please take the time to paw some words of support for her here.

Without each other - in good times and in bad - our world would be darker and colder and more lonely.
National Canine Cancer Foundation

Monday, September 5, 2011

Would you take away this dog's life? Is it worthless? I DARE you to tell me he isn't happy.

Watch this video and when you are done I dare you to tell me that this dog isn't happy or that his life is worthless or that he shouldn't have been allowed to live. I challenge you to tell me that you would stand by and allow someone to take his life.

I have lived with a blind dog. Prince knew my home better than most sighted guests and maeuvered in my fenced yard perfectly without hitting the fence or appearing to be handicapped. He went for walks. He counter surfed. He made many, many friends wherever he went. If I ever have the opportunity again to adopt a blind animal I will do it without hesitation. Not because I feel sorry for them or because I want to be seen as benevolent but because I am better for it and they have so very much to share with me and to teach me about life and living in the moment.
Adoption is the ONLY option!

It is with much sadness that we must report sweet Kona has passed away and has completed his Circle of Life. You may pay your respects by going here
It is never good-bye. It is always, see you later.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sweet Kona needs THE POWER of the PAW as he completes his Circle of Life

Sweet Kona is getting ready to complete the Circle of Life. The humans that love him are in considerable pain. Kona's blog is remarkable - the photography gorgeous - the love is palpable. PLEASE, PLEASE take the time to go to Kona's blog and to offer your love and support during this most heartbreaking time in the life of a dog and its human(s).

I've been where Kona's fambly is and I will be there again and again until the day I die. Once or a hundred times - it never gets easier and it never gets better. Kona needs to know that he is surrounded by the POWER OF THE PAW. Run, don't walk to add your name to those who wait and pray and love...
National Canine Cancer Foundation

Do you have one or more of these ADDICTS in your house?

I just lve the way this artist 'sees' the dog's . Each and every one of his drawing is so 'right on'!

National Canine Cancer Foundation

Thursday, September 1, 2011

For every dog a fur-ever home and a happy ending...

Do you remember my story of my friend Cindy and how she adopted Misha? I told you that Misha would have a forever home that would make any dog thrilled to be adopted by my friend and her husband. Yesterday Cindy sent me this photo of Misha as she surveys 'her' waterway (mouth of Lake Superior) from the fambly pontoon boat. Cindy tells me that Misha adores boating and camping and hiking and that she has fit into their fambly PURRfectly - even making friends with her two kitty siblings, Pippin and Stashu (both older shelter alumni).

Misha sees only blue skies and sunny days ahead
Why am I sharing this with you? To remind everyone that there are millions of older, large, black dogs in shelters waiting for their forever homes and that those older, large, black dogs are PURRfect in each and every way.